Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Look how deep that water is we had to cross!  And it got deeper when we wanted to go back through it a couple hours later.

Chanson and Jese.  Burr
Yeah, he fell asleep.
Just hanging out
Mommy had to take a break, but this is what he looks like strapped on to my back. 
Oyr motorhome and trailor together is longer than a semi!  And of course my dad drives it doing 70-80 mph, usually trying to watch the movie playing at the same time.  yeah, it can get a little scary!


This is where Cayman has to take a bath

Last weekend we went up to the Uinta's to go camping and four wheeling with the family, and we had a ton of fun!  We of course took the motorhome for our version of "roughing it" but it was a good thing because there was still snow.  The rivers were pretty high, but fun to cross on the four wheelers.  And cayman rode on mommies back, and the faster and bumpier the ride, the more he loved it!  In fact he fell asleep for a bit of the ride, he loves four wheeling!!!  Chanson and her boyfriend thought it would be fun to ride hard and fast through the mud and get sopping wet, until of course they had to sit in sopping wet clothes for four hours!  Dummies! 

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